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Patients, Caregivers, Families, Healthcare Professionals, Research Facilities, Universities, and Government

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My Compassion's mission is to Increase Awareness and Understanding about the medical benefits of cannabis, through Advocating, Education & Research.


"Being diagnosed with any chronic condition is devastating. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the vast amount of information about the different treatments you should consider that will be most beneficial for your overall health and recovery."

My Compassion’s objective is to provide the most accurate, trusted information on cannabis for medical purposes. Our goal is to assist patients and their Doctors with the resources necessary to assure the best care when considering treatment. We are confident the information on My Compassion provides will help you become better informed with some of the issues patients are concerned about most:

  • Selecting the best healthcare team that includes cannabinoid therapeutics
  • Understanding the best therapeutic cannabis treatment for your medical condition
  • The ability to participate in research studies and clinical trials
  • Dosage, safety and side effects of cannabis
  • And most importantly that you are not alone with the My Compassion Network

 Through its Outreach, My Compassion sees a path to place Cannabis on track to be Rescheduled, Researched and Readily available for Medicinal purposes.