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    Online classes, webinars, and podcasts will make educational outreach available to shut-ins and patients who have limited abilities to leave their homes and/or facilities. Each seminar type will utilize technology advancement...
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    Each year, My Compassion provides information, help, and support to thousands of individuals who call or contact us online. Mycompassion.org serves thousands of visitors each year, offers access to the latest...
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    My Compassion community meetings are open to the public. Seminars are designed to be thorough, to impart the most accurate information about the benefits of cannabis, qualifying conditions, and the laws surrounding...
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Alysa Erwin

and Cannabis

It was four years ago, in January 2011 that debilitating headaches began to plague then 14-year-old Alysa Erwin. Read more…..

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The American Cultivator

The American Cultivator, a quarterly publication, will provide local information on the latest news regarding cannabis health, technology, state and federal laws, science based articles, community meeting schedules, national informational updates, patient testimonials and more. The American Cultivator, the first...
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