2013 - Milestones

2013 was a stellar year as we began with a large Billboard Awareness Campaign that was placed on major highways in the Detroit Metro and Lansing areas from the Downriver Community Compassion Club to Michigan Compassion a statewide education organization.


Michigan Compassion was responsible for lighting up digital billboards about cannabinoids on major highways consecutively for 6 months fully funded from our plastic donation containers which raised $60k.

Google Grant" was presented to Michigan Compassion to optimize our cannabinoid education on the web which receives worldwide attention.

Spearheaded the “Guide to Understanding the Michigan Medical MJ Act.” We began with enough funds to print 275 copies the rest is history from there. There are over 7500 in circulation at the end of 2013.

Michigan Compassion met with the head of the Social Work Department at Karmanos Cancer Institute, the largest cancer center in Michigan.

Michigan Compassion made history again by being the first cannabinoid education organization to be approved for the CFC Campaign. This is a program where Federal employees select their nonprofit of choice and donate through payroll deduction. Presentations were held at the following Federal Buildings:

  1. US Postal Service - Detroit
  2. US Postal Service - Pontiac
  3. Theodore Levin United States Court House - Detroit
  4. US Army TACOM - Warren
  5. Patrick McNamara Federal Building - Detroit
  6. FDA Building and US Patent Office - Detroit
  7. VA Hospital - Ann Arbor

Michigan Compassion hosts the Michigan Medical Canna Tradeshow in Taylor, MI with panel discussions from Patients, Doctors, Attorneys and Politicians.

Completed 300 Public Meetings, Seminars and Conferences which touched 100,000 lives.

The American Cultivator News Magazine is donated to Michigan Compassion by Hilary Dulany.