Educational Courses

Donation Goal For This Project is $5,000
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Online classes, webinars, and podcasts will make educational outreach available to shut-ins and patients who have limited abilities to leave their homes and/or facilities. Each seminar type will utilize technology advancement for increased access to those that are deaf, low vision, disabled or terminal.

Continuing Education Courses are designed to help professionals in Social work, Healthcare, Civil Service and law, learn pertinent information and stay abreast of the emerging use of cannabis in our homes and communities. Through this manner of education, a higher level of confidence will be achieved with medical professionals, patient and caregivers.

Websites deliver high levels of information for anyone looking to learn more about medical cannabis. Our site is easy to navigate and designed to provide information on chronic conditions and the laws. Community meetings and event schedules are listed at all times along with the latest science based evidence and clinical cannabis trials on conditions such as cancer, epilepsy and Crohn’s disease.