Medical Cannabis Seminars

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My Compassion community meetings are open to the public. Seminars are designed to be thorough, to impart the most accurate information about the benefits of cannabis, qualifying conditions, and the laws surrounding patient use. These seminars also serve to encourage feedback from attendees that may bring attention to broader concerns, including competency in service and products from dispensaries, and the importance of developing partnerships with local community-based organizations.


ublic seminars provide a voice for community safety concerns as prerequisites to health, expansion to a broader “cannabis wellness” orientation, and the socioeconomic factors that impact health in a community, including familial acceptance, cultural disparities, and ignorance.

State City Date Goal
Michigan Detroit October/2015 $500
Michigan St Joseph November/2015 $500
Illinois North Chicago September/2015 $500
Illinois West Chicago November/2015 $500
Colorado Denver September/2015 $500

Health and Cannabis

My Compassion Community Meetings are open to the public and provide education on the Illinois Compassionate use of Medical Cannabis Act and the approved conditions. Our professional team will provide valuable information on what every person needs to understand when deciding to use medical cannabis.

Laws Surrounding Cannabis

Special guest speakers will present on chronic conditions and cannabis therapeutics.  We will discuss legal issues for new patients including employment, allowable weight limits, DUI’s, selecting a dispensary, legal processes and much more.

How to Stay Safe

Talk directly with patients who use cannabis to treat their conditions and network with others to gain a support system. Learn the difference between CBD and THC, different delivery methods, dosage and side effects. This information presented by patients who have had success using cannabis for their medical condition.