Community Services

Publications, Seminars, and Educational Services

Community Outreach

My Compassion provides Community outreach and educational programs to the public, patients, caregivers, providers, State departments and Universities.

National Cannabis Information Center

Each year My Compassion provides information, help, and support to thousands of individuals who call or contact us online. serves thousands of visitors each year, offers access to the latest information on cannabis and helps people find programs and services in their area. A majority of people call the Information Center to learn about specific conditions and how cannabis helps. We receive many inquiries about treatment options, drug interactions, side effects and state laws. My Compassion understands these are important issues that patients face when deciding to use cannabis for medical purposes.

Whether people have questions about cannabis, need practical solutions to daily problems such as finding treatment, or are just looking for support from someone who understands, My Compassion’s trained information specialists are available seven days a week to answer the questions many patients and families ask about.

Clinical Outreach 

My Compassion’s Clinical Outreach program is responsible for connecting with healthcare professionals to provide resources for education about medical cannabis care and build a robust clinical community throughout the region serving patients who are utilizing medical cannabis for their chronic conditions. My Compassion advocates patients to be open with their Doctors about their use of cannabis and how it affects them, without the fear of being rejected or removed from other prescriptions they might need. Our Clinical Outreach program assures Physicians have access to the latest research and information so they have a better understanding when talking with their patients.

Public Education and Resource Materials

All of My Compassion publication materials have aesthetically pleasing images and easy to read content. The vast content of information is developed by a collaboration of professionals which include Director’s, Medical and Legal Advisory Board Members, Patients, Caregivers and Researchers. My Compassion’s educational materials are used for multiple forms of outreach and include:

  • Brochures are descriptive explaining each condition, potential effects of cannabinoids, variety of cannabinoid product types to administer, and contact info to My Compassion’s Canna Information Center via its toll-free number or website. Fact sheets and flyers are image heavy documents with descriptors, charts, graphs, bright colors representing surrounding specific topics such as qualifying conditions, facts and figures, diagrammatic images, etc. 

  • Continuing Education Courses are designed to help professionals in Social work, Healthcare, Civil Service and law, learn pertinent information and stay abreast of the emerging use of cannabis in our homes and communities.  Through this manner of education a higher level of confidence will be instilled with medical professionals, patient and caregivers

  • Physician Folders are an important part of My Compassion's Healthcare Outreach and our commitment to provide Doctors resource materials for clinical education about cannabinoid therapeutics. This is necessary in order to build a robust clinical community that is open to serving patients who are utilizing cannabinoids for their chronic conditions. My Compassion advocates patients to be open with their Doctors about their use of cannabinoids and how it affects them, without the fear of being rejected or removed from other prescriptions they might need. Our Physician Folders are designed to assure Doctors have access to the most accurate, up to date information on cannabinoids, so they will feel confident recommending cannabinoids for their patients.

  • Website delivers a high level of information for anyone looking to learn more about cannabinoids. Our site is easy to navigate and designed to provide information on chronic conditions and the laws. Community meeting and event schedules are listed at all times along with the latest science based evidence and clinical trials for cannabinoids and conditions like cancer, epilepsy and Crohn’s disease.

  • Guidebooks on the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act provides the Amended Act of 2008, legislative updates, legal opinions, court findings, judicial process and other important information. Vol I,  published in 2012. Vol II published 2017

The Guide to Understanding the MMMA