Frequently Asked Questions about My Compassion Research Projects

Participants | What kind of research does My Compassion develop?

My Compassion's research projects are dependent on answers from patients and participants like yourself in turn the survey questions My Compassion is best at answering are those that are related to participants who help us directly. This all occurs through research surveys, compassionate patient outcome surveys, polls and other types of survey projects. My Compassion is also able to complete long term research surveys from beginning of outcomes thru recovery and survivorship.

My Compassion's research is funded in a multitude of ways - private donations, grants, commercial partners and internally developed projects. Commercial partners can be through a variety of options as it will help in developing patient-focused products, assist participants in making the appropriate decisions for their health choices and in depth understanding of the condition working with cannabinoids by our participants. All of our studies will be about how cannabinoids are impacting symptoms of conditions. Grant related projects occur with universities and medical centers who have invited us to participate in joint studies, advisory roles, data analysis, and conducting research surveys. For internal projects our medical teams develop their own research studies based on patient interests, personal objectives, or through the expansion of My Compassion knowledge base for future educational programs.

Participants | How can I become a participant in research at My Compassion?

One of the simplest ways to participate is registering and becoming an active participant by volunteering in research studies that are constantly in process at My Compassion. In some studies we will invite current members and previous participants to complete studies about different topics related to the condition and cannabis use, side effects of cannabis use or current treatments with medical cannabis. If your profile explains that you are suffering from a particular condition, side effect or utilizing a treatment that is part of one of our studies, and you have been an active participant on the site, you may receive a invitation to participate in a study through My Compassion's confidential messaging service. 

Participants | If I have an idea for a research study where do I make that suggestion?

If you have a research study concept let us know about it in this manner: Type of chronic disease the study will effect, the goal of the study, and the process of participants to help answer those questions. All research ideas must be relative to patients dealing with chronic diseases with the use of medical cannabis.