My Compassion believes “you must increase awareness to increase acceptance.” Many of our programs involve the participation of Volunteers to help generate the information necessary to achieve Medical Cannabis awareness. Each of our programs revolve around a specific goal and together it works as an interactive conduit so our projects have better results and impact on the community. Public involvement is key in the generation of these materials as it strengthens the communities understanding through participation and empowerment of its members.

Over the past few years, we have turned the corner on how the public views Cannabis and have made great strides in the progress of educating the public and reducing their fears.

My Compassion spends donation dollars on Outreach programs intended to shape the future of Cannabis and help the people that use it.  Every time we touch a person, they touch someone else. The more lives we change, the more patients we help, the closer we get to ending prohibition and removing it from schedule 1 classification.

Your gift to My Compassion helps provide the information and tools necessary to educate the public about Cannabis. Over the past three years we have witnessed children cured from cancer, a major reduction in the use of pharmaceuticals amongst patients, seizures reduced from 300 a week to 3 and even positive reverse effects on alcoholism.

By making a generous gift of $15.00, $25.00, $50.00 or more, you will help My Compassion continue our mission and help make an immediate difference in the lives of sick Patients around the country.