Glenda Vance - Treasurer

Glenda Vance

Treasurer and Founding Member

O:844-226-6200 Ext: 422


Glenda Vance is a Founding Member who has served as Treasurer for My Compassion for the past 6 years. Glenda believes in the mission and goals of My Compassion and works to see them come to fruition. Glenda and her husband have owned an independent trucking company since 1992, where she manages all aspects of the company. Glenda’s attention to detail comes from her years of experience with bookkeeping, banking, payroll and taxes along with all the other duties of running a company. Prior to owning her own company Glenda was general manager of Suzy Shops where she managed the daily operations of nine retail stores. As a patient who has found great relief from cannabinoid therapy and has dedicated her time working to help other patients understand the benefits as well.