Currently there are over 23 states that allow cannabinoid therapeutics and with Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska passing full legalization, it is imperative for Physicians and the Healthcare industry to expand their knowledge and understanding of a plant their patients are ingesting on a regular basis.

My Compassion has a very impressive record of educating healthcare professionals and have been invited to speak at many facilities including the Karmanos Cancer Institute, Calvin College Nursing Class and recently were invited to speak at the International Pharmaceutical Academy in Toronto, Canada on May 9th, 2014, Native American Medical Marijuana Conference in San Diego and others.

Many healthcare providers do not understand that it is perfectly legal to discuss this choice of medicine with their patients and to sign their recommendation forms that allow them protection to use cannabinoids in approved States. Because Physicians and Nurses lack a clear understanding of the Laws and legislation that surround cannabinoids and its use for medical purposes, many are concerned to even discuss it, leaving patients in a very difficult, stressful position. Most patients want to be open with their physicians about their use of cannabinoids and how it is affects them without being fearful of rejection or being removed all together from other prescriptions they might need.

Whether you are in agreement or not with the emerging use of cannabis, the fact is many patients are using it, pharmaceutical companies are producing it and public opinion indicates the Federal Government will be rescheduling it soon. Physicians who stay abreast on the new and growing technologies of cannabis will be doing their patients a great service by taking a proactive approach on the new advancements in Medicine with Cannabis and Hemp products.

My Compassion would be pleased to provide Physicians and their healthcare staff with an onsite presentation about cannabinoid therapeutics in the comfort of your office during lunch or after hours. If you would like more information or are interested in learning more about our in office presentations, please give us a call.