Heidi Parikh
Chairman & Executive Director

Chronic pain patient spreading the knowledge of the healing properties of cannabis.

Amish Parikh
Vice Chair & Director of Development

Love to see how cannabis is helped so many patients, families and society as a whole.

T. Korany
Board Secretary

Increasing knowledge is the goal of My Compassion.

Glenda Vance
Board Treasurer

Maintains and publishes finnancial information for My Compassion.

Donald Mongrain
Board Trustee & Distribution Manager

Represents the interests of the public and membership.



Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Kumar Singh, Medical Advisor

Dr. John Hicks, Medical Advisor for Pediatrics

Dr. Rob Streisfeld, Medical Advisor for Naturopathy

Dr. Elliot Levine, Medical Advisor for Obstetrics & Gynecology

Legal Advisory Board

Michael McGrory, Legal Advisor – Illinois

Lawrence Mishkin, Legal Advisor – Illinois

Sanford Stein, Legal Advisor – Illinois

Neil Rockind, Legal Advisor – Michigan

Noah Hall, Legal Advisor – Michigan