Legal Education

Federal vs State Law

Since 1996, over 23 states including Washington DC have passed laws allowing cannabinoid therapeutics to be used for a variety of medical conditions with an additional 12 states passing cannabidiol (CBD) specific laws. Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington have legalized for recreational use.   Continue reading

Continuing Legal Education

Medical cannabis laws are vastly changing legislation and regulations across the country and will have a direct impact on other areas of the law including traffic, specifically DUI, employment, firearms, family law,business, cultivating and zoning. Continue reading

Understanding the Legal Implications

Many qualifying patients who have the right to acquire and utilize cannabis for medicinal purposes are faced with the challenges of understanding their state laws and how they impact different areas of the law such as firearms, DUIs and child custody. Continue reading

State Law Table

As cannabis laws take hold throughout the U.S. it is essential that patients and their attorneys understand the laws and regulations put in place. These programs vary widely from state to state and can be complicating to understand in many cases. Continue reading