Yearly achievements of My Compassion

2016 - Milestones

2016 My Compassion promotes clinical trials for cannabis research Continue reading

2015 - Milestones

2015 has led to further development of My Compassion's branch in Illinois and the addition of a number of healthcare and legal professionals to our advisory board and further exposure to My Compassion's awareness programs. Continue reading

2014 - Milestones

2014 brought another name change to the organization as requests begin to come in from around the country to open branches in other states changed from Michigan Compassion to My Compassion and was created for patients to focus on themselves by showing compassion to your health. Continue reading

2013 - Milestones

2013 was a stellar year as we began with a large Billboard Awareness Campaign that was placed on major highways in the Detroit Metro and Lansing areas from the Downriver Community Compassion Club to Michigan Compassion a statewide education organization. Continue reading

2012 - Milestones

2012 was the beginning of My Compassion's Federal nonprofit status and the beginning of a large scale Awareness program. Continue reading

2011 - Milestones

2011 brought forth access to a larger amount of patients from around the state of Michigan to attend meetings from as far north as Lansing, MI to as far south as Columbus, OH to as far west as Fort Wayne, IN and as far east as Toronto, CN. Continue reading

2010 - Milestones

Completed a full year of public meetings and expanded by having meetings on the Northern and Southern areas of Downriver for a expansive constituent base. Continue reading

2009 - Milestones

2009 began our journey of a patient focused Community Organization with a small meeting of 16 people in the library of the Southgate Public Library known at the time as the Downriver Community Compassion Club. Continue reading