Patient Education for Medical Cannabis


My Compassion takes great pride in assisting veterans with their questions and concerns about the use of cannabinoid treatments.  Our years of experience with veteran patients has helped us gain a clear understanding of their needs.    Continue reading


There is much debate surrounding the use of cannabinoid therapy for children with conditions like cancer and epilepsy and whether or not it should be considered a viable option for medical treatment. Continue reading


As the Founder and Executive Director of My Compassion, I would like to share with you my personal experience with using cannabis for medical reasons.    Continue reading

Doctor-Patient Relationship

Many healthcare providers do not understand that it is perfectly legal to discuss cannabinoid therapeutics with their patients and to sign the recommendation forms that allow them protection to use cannabinoids in their State.   Continue reading


Imagining your grandmother smoking a joint might make you giggle. But the reality is that many senior citizens are discovering the medical powers of cannabis. Continue reading