Thank you for considering My Compassion as a trusted source for your patient referral. As far back as history has recorded Cannabis has been used by mankind as medicine. Our generation was removed from the basic knowledge of its healing abilities due to the politics of it all. With the recent landslide of Cannabis reform and legalization a new era has arrived. Medical Cannabis is reemerging and the information and data coming in across the country is astounding. It clearly shows Cannabis is having a positive effect on cancer, epilepsy, crohn’s, HIV, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, severe pain and many other chronic conditions. We are even beginning to witness its positive effect on helping alcoholism.

If you have a patient that could benefit from medical cannabis, or has inquired about its use and you don’t understand or know the correct protocol, please feel comfortable that My Compassion’s professional team will assist them with the information and guidance necessary to make the right decision and have a positive outcome.