Research Exchange

The Research Exchange is a place for people to contribute to cannabis research and help discover how cannabinoids are positively affecting hundreds of medical conditions.

With the recent announcement in Aug 2016, from the DEA to open up cannabis research. The best time and place to begin clinical trials on cannabis for conditions like cancer is NOW.  Through the support from My Compassion's Medical and Legal Advisory Board-members, researchers, clinicians and academics, we can provide the scientific data that has been lacking for years.  

My Compassion's Research Exchange is the place where we all contribute together to develop new scientific data, health outcome measures and increase our collective understanding of cannabis dosing, drug interactions and side effects and its effect on chronic conditions.

What is the Research Exchange?

Research directly impacts the lives of people every day and in order to document credible and reliable scientific data on cannabis, clinical trials need volunteers like you. One of the main reasons that research fails, is from the lack of people who participate and continue through studies and trials. Researchers need people with all types of conditions, including healthy people. 

My Compassion's Research Exchange makes it possible to connect researchers and doctors to people like you who want to make a difference, that meet the required needs of their studies. This is done by creating a platform for collecting and sharing important data from people and patients, who want to participate in cannabis research.


What kinds of information will the Research Exchange collect from patients?

My Compassion Research exchange will collect data that pertains to your personal and medical information. All questions will be optional, however, if you choose to participate in clinical studies you must complete all required fields on the Research Exchange form. Information will only be shared according to the terms of which you agreed on.

Is there a cost to participate?

There is no cost to participate in My Compassion's Research Exchange.  It is on a Volunteer basis.