Veteran Andrew Hewert

My Compassion takes great pride in assisting veterans with their questions and concerns about the use of cannabinoid treatments.  Our years of experience with veteran patients has helped us gain a clear understanding of their needs. 


Many Veterans have concerns about using cannabinoid therapy and the impact it may have on their medical benefits and current prescriptions.  By letter from the VA Administration, Veterans are allowed, with state approval but are still subject to the discretion of their doctors. Even though your doctor may approve of your using cannabinoids to treat your condition, they cannot sign your recommendation forms.

Michigan is one of the first states to approve cannabinoids for the treatment of PTSD and so far there has been no negative side effects reported on its use. Many states have ruled against adding this condition because of the lack of research on the effect it has on mental illness. Even though the research is expanding, currently it is limited to only anecdotal reports from individuals with PTSD who say that cannabinoids helps with their symptoms.